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No need for insurance...this program is for everyone!  We offer discounted cash pay programs for all!

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Primary Care Sick Visit - TeleMedicine


Coronavirus TeleMed Questions - 15 min visit


TeleMed Virtual Visit

$35 + Visit price

FMLA Paperwork

$35 + Visit price

Disability Paperwork

Wound Care & Procedures

$100 +  Visit price

$10 +  Visit price

Toe Nail Removal 

Wart Treatment 

$150 +  Visit price

$165 +  Visit price

$65 +  Visit price

$65 +  Visit price

Subungual Hematoma Drainage

Cuts and Laceration Repair

Ear Wax Removal


$65 +  Visit price

Gynecological Exam

Clinic On-site Labs & Tests

$29 +  Visit price

Blood Glucose

$150 + Visit Price

PCR Covid-19 test - 28-hour results 

$65 + Visit

Point of care Rapid Covide-19 test - 15 min results

$65 + Visit

Flu Screening

$50 + Visit


Our Location

7725 North 43rd Ave 

Suite 720 

Phoenix, AZ 85051

We are on the 2nd floor, on the south end of the building

Elevators are located on the West and East of the building

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We request that you wear a mask in our Clinic

If you believe you are in need of emergency services, then please dial 911