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We are a Primary Medical Care facility for both adults and children.   We provide on-site labs, physical care, and behavioral health counseling.  Our goal is to provide comprehensive medical care for the body and mind.   We are driven to remove delays patients experience in routine primary medical care. 

Life can be challenging and stressful...why let things delay the help you need.

Primary Care Team

Behavioral health integration services is now widely considered an effective strategy for improving outcomes for the millions of Americans with mental or behavioral health conditions.


This model of behavioral health enhances the primary care setting by adding two key services: care management/counseling support for patients receiving behavioral health treatment and regular psychiatric consultation to the primary care team.


This is a team collaboration with a patient-centered approach where we hope to give patients the tools to gain energy and feel better, improve physical health and find more enjoyment in life

From Doctor Steil



With so much uncertainty surrounding COVID-19, one thing remains certain: taking care of your health, staying on top of your chronic health concerns, continuing to take your daily medications, and continuing your routine medical care could not be more important. 


As a medical community, we continue to learn so much about COVID-19 on a daily basis. As someone who focuses their career on treating patients in clinical research trials, I can confidently say that we have many promising, encouraging, and efficacious clinical research trials in the works to be able to effectively combat COVID-19.


Furthermore, many pharmaceutical companies are coming together as a community to work as quickly as possible to roll out clinical research trials for vaccines so that we can further protect ourselves and our loved ones.


While there is so much unknown in regard to COVID-19, I am humbled by the sense of camaraderie that I have seen within the healthcare system and the patients that I care for. We are all enduring our own unique hardships during this time, and while many things are out of our control, I am so incredibly proud of everyone for doing their part to stop the spread of COVID-19. What we are all doing IS working. But we have to remain strong, be hopeful and optimistic that there are treatments, vaccines, and public health measures that are already completed and in the works to not only take care of this current pandemic but to also prevent situations like this from occurring again in the future. We are all in this together as a community and it will only work if we all continue to do our part. 


With that said, our commitment to your health and well-being has never been greater. It is our duty and privilege at ClearPath Family Healthcare to serve you and your loved ones the best we can.


We have implemented a new, easy, and streamlined process so that you can access our entire healthcare team via telemedicine in the comfort and safety of your own home. We have done our best to remove all the barriers possible that prevent you from having access to our care during this unprecedented time. 

More than ever, I am confident in our team that we will help you get through this challenging time and will continue to walk along with you on your healthcare journey.


In good health,

Kenneth Steil D.O.

Dr. Kenneth Steil D.O.
Medical Director ClearPath Family Healthcare, LTD

Our Care Team

Medical Director

Kenneth Steil D.O

Osteopathic Doctor

Founded By Dr. Kevin Cleary

Osteopathic Doctor

April Glenda David NP-C

Nurse Practitioner 

Madison Pohle PA-C

Physician Assistant 

Katherine Leary PA-C

Physician Assistant

Janelle Romero PA-C

Physician Assistant 

1. What keeps me focused on patient care?
My desire to help others and my passion for medicine keeps me focused on providing excellent patient care. I treat my patients as I would expect to be treated by listening to their specific needs and following the most up-to-date guidelines put forth by the medical community.  

2. What strengths would you like to highlight?
  I feel my greatest strengths as a provider are my dedication to the physician assistant (PA) profession, and my enthusiasm for providing patient-centered care. I am determined for my patients to have a positive experience and ensure this by making a resolute effort to address all questions and concerns. Additionally, I prioritize respect, patience, and creative thinking paired with sound clinical judgment.   

3. What drives you?
I am motivated to make a difference in the world around me. The idea of taking on new challenges will always excite me, and I thrive in settings where I have the opportunity to anticipate problems and find their solutions.    

4. What else would you like patients to know?
 When I’m not in the office, you can find me enjoying the great outdoors or spending time with my family. I’m passionate about exercising and eating healthy. I love to hike/bike with my parents and cook delicious meals with my grandparents when I can. 

​Behavioral Health Team

Alicia Shipman

Licensed Master of Social Work

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