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We will send an invoice in 1- 3 business days

URGENT requests will be processed within 48-hours

Once the invoice is paid, then we will send your records electronically to either a secure email or secure fax.

If no fee is due, then you will receive your records via secure email or secure fax within 7 business days. 

If you have a fee

Then, please wait for your invoice.

We will determine the fee and if a fee applies to your request

Invoices are sent within 1-3 business days and will remain open for 30-days

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Delivery of Records

We are completely electronic.  All record requests will be securely emailed or securely faxed with the information provided on the form.

If you need help on alternate delivery methods, then please email us here

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7725 North 43rd Ave 

Suite 720 

Phoenix, AZ 85051

We are on the 2nd floor, on the south end of the building

Elevators are located on the West and East of the building

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We request that you wear a mask in our Clinic

If you believe you are in need of emergency services, then please dial 911