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Primary Care Services

  • Annual Wellness Exams

  • Age appropriate Vaccinations 

  • Going back to school

  • Pain management 

  • Behavioral Health 

  • On-Call services

In-Person & TeleMedicine Visits Available

Adults & Children

Newborns & Children

Age-appropriate screenings


Going back to school checks

Behavioral Health 

Hospital Follow-ups

Annual Wellness Exams

Physical Exams

Chronic Care

Age-appropriate screenings


Hospital Follow-ups

Behavioral Health


Behavioral Health

We offer a fully integrated collaborative care health care model to help make your care simple and convenient. 


With this model, we are able to treat mental health issues alongside treating primary care issues, without the need for a  self-referral or long wait. 

Help you when you need it!

With this care approach, your primary care provider will be able to direct your mental healthcare along with a clinical social worker, and clinical psychologist, to help create the best program for your situation. Primary Family Medical Care has never been easier! 

Types of Primary Care Integration

Our level of Integration


Level 1

Minimal Collaboration

Level 2

Basic Collaboration at a Distance

Level 3

Basic Collaboration


Level 4

Close Collaboration

Level 5

Close Collaboration


Level 6

Full Collaboration in a Transformed Integrated Practice

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