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Our Care Team

Passion      |      Commitment      |      Quality

We are a Primary Medical Care facility for both adults and children.   We provide on-site labs, physical care, and behavioral health counseling.  Our goal is to provide comprehensive medical care for the body and mind.   We are driven to remove delays patients experience in routine primary medical care. 

This is a team collaboration with a patient-centered approach where we hope to give patients the tools to gain energy and feel better, improve physical health and find more enjoyment in life

Kenneth Steil, DO

Kevin Cleary, DO

Janelle Romero, PA-C

Madison Zaugra, PA-C

Glenda David, NP-C

Precious Chapman, LAC

Ron Carpio, LMSW

Support Staff

Front Office

Kim C.
Janeth O.

Ana M.

Liliana R.

Back Office 

Josefina S.
Alma E.
Jocelyn R.
Heather L.



Lizieth P.
Cherene S.


Crystal T.
Johnathon R.


Lorrie B.
Elizabeth W.
Heather L.

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