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  • Medical Services for all ages

  • Fully Integrated Behavioral health therapist with Primary Care

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  • TeleMed Visits for existing patients


Founded by


Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine

Dr. Cleary started his health care career over 39 years ago.  He no longer holds clinic hours but he still remains a strong part of the focus, direction, and commitment at ClearPath Family Healthcare.  



Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine

Medical Director


Family Nurse Practitioner

April Glenda David completed her Master's Degree as a Family Nurse Practitioner at Grand Canyon University with many years of experience as a ICU nurse and medical professional.  Glenda advocates a holistic approach to patient care - not only to fight against diseases but also to promote wellness through lifestyle management and preventive care. 


Physician Assistant

Janelle Romero joined the Physician Assistant community over 9 years ago.  She focuses on family wellness, addiction support, family health issues and diabetes management.  


Physician Assistant

Katherine comes to ClearPath with over seventeen years of experience as a Physician Assistant, primarily in family medicine. She is dedicated to providing the highest quality, compassionate care for all patients.


Physician Assistant

Madison Pohle graduated from Wake Forest School of Medicine. She is passionate about delivering patient-centered care and creating a collaborative plan for each individual patient.  


Licensed Masters of Social Work

Alicia Shipman started her career in Social Work over 7 years ago, graduating from Arizona State University with her Masters in Social Work. She is dedicated to improving the mental and physical health of patients.


Licensed Masters of Social Work

Shelby is a master’s level clinician who graduated from Arizona State University with a master’s degree in Social Work. Shelby draws from personal experiences to fuel her passion for helping others and believes mental and emotional wellbeing is a part of who we are as humans and we must treat it with the same care we give our physical health. 

Administrative Team​


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