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Integrated Behavioral Health

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On-site BH Managers

Help with Medications

Help with depression

General help

Team-Based Care

Care Coordination

Help with resources

BH program

Program Design

Elements of this program

+ Diagnosis of depression, anxiety, or another mild-to-moderate condition 

+ Routine psychiatric review and systematic monitoring via a patient registry to facilitate a tailored behavioral health recommendation

+ Evidence-based brief intervention, Ongoing monitoring and support to boost treatment engagement



Start by establishing care with one of our primary care providers

Start with your PCP first so they can advocate for your care and monitor your care plan.  


Help when you need it

Just being here makes care easier!  Having access to medical care + behavioral health simply means better care for you and your family.  


Every day is different!  If you need help...we are here!



Collaboration + Medication help

The primary care provider works with he behavioral health manager, and Psychiatrist to ensure your medications and care plan are appropriate and helping.   


What is the Collaborative Care Model (CoCM)?

The Collaborative Care Model (CoCM) uses a team-based, interdisciplinary approach to deliver evidence-based diagnoses, treatment, and follow-up care.


The model differs from other integrated behavioral health services because of the replicated evidence supporting its ability to improve patient outcomes, save money, and reduce stigma related to mental health.


How does this work?

A Collaborative Care team is led by a primary care provider (PCP) and includes behavioral health care managers (BHCM), psychiatrists, and other mental health professionals acting as force multipliers of psychiatric expertise.


The team implements a measurement-guided care plan based on evidence-based practice guidelines and focuses particular attention on patients not meeting their clinical goals

​Shortens the wait from referral to receiving a psychiatric recommendation

Watch to learn more

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