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Primary Medical Care

Adults & Children

Who We Are

We are a Primary Medical Care facility for both adults and children.   


We provide on-site labs, physical care, and behavioral health counseling.  Our goal is to provide comprehensive medical care for the body and mind.   We are driven to remove delays patients experience in routine primary medical care. So...we offer services that are focused on you and your entire body.


Visit Types

  • Face-to-Face Visits

  • Phone Visit

  • TeleMedicine 

Integrated Care

  • Physical Care

  • Behavioral Healthcare 

In-House Lab

Life can be challenging and stressful...why let things delay the care you need.

Face-to-Face Office Visits

Telemedicine Visits

Phone Visits

Care We Provide...


Urgent Medical Needs


On-Call services


  • Annual Wellness Exams

  • Physical Exams

  • Chronic Care

  • Age-appropriate screenings

  • Immunizations 

  • Hospital Follow-ups


  • Age-appropriate screenings

  • Immunizations 

  • Going back to school checks

  • Behavioral Health therapy

  • Hospital Follow-ups


Our appointment hours are between:

Monday - Friday

8 am - 5 p m


8 am - 12 pm

Closed on Sundays

Primary Care with no delays!

Services for facilities that enable patients to receive care without disruption.

  • Next day Rx  Delivery to your location

  • Mobile labs and images


  • Age-appropriate screenings

  • Immunizations

  • Behavioral Health therapy

  • Hospital Follow-ups


We offer a fully integrated collaborative care health care model to help make your care simple and convenient. With this model, we are able to treat mental health issues alongside treating primary care issues, without the need for a  self-referral or long wait.


We offer remote Telemedicine Visits to help make your care accessible, and convenient.  


Free Covid-19 Testing 

If you are worried, have questions, or just need help with care, then call us!

Keeping our patients safe.  Click below to learn more about our process, free testing and how we provide care. 

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Our Location

7725 North 43rd Ave Suite 720 Phoenix, AZ 85051

Located on the Second Floor, of the American Medical Plaza

Elevators on the East and West of the Building

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If you believe you are in need of emergency services, then please dial 911

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